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Beyond online hate speech detection

If you are a public communicator, it’s likely that you’ve already faced hate speech in the comments section of your website or blog. While filtering hateful messages is crucial for the wellbeing of your community, it can also be complicated and stressful. Luckly, there’s a tool that makes this easier.

Modera is a user-friendly WordPress plugin for easy detection and moderation of hate speech on your online forum section.

How the Modera detection tool works 

Screenshot website wordpress

User-friendly WordPress plugin

Modera is easy to integrate on your online forum, free of charge.

robot hand with binary rubik cube

AI-powered technology

Detects and flags hateful phrases and hateful context, not only words.

transparent plastic human statues

Transparency over censorship

Offers explanations to authors and educates users about online hate speech.



Supports your community manager in maintaining community standards


Helps users focus on the topic of discussion and avoid the spiral of hate


Enables civil discussion regarding sensitive content


Available in multiple languages (English and Spanish), with others to be implemented in the future (Romanian, Slovak, Polish, Estonian)

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