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Kit against hate

As a journalist or influencer, you have the attention and engagement of thousands of people. Your followers and readers look to you for reliable information and inspiration.


How can you repay their trust?


You can choose to keep your platforms safe for idea sharing, dialogue and debate. 

You owe your followers a hate-free community.

Tips and tricks for media outlets

Tips and tricks for influencers


Tips and tricks on building hate free communities


Promote diversity of facts and opinions

When you set up the news agenda consider all the viewpoints and expertise on different issues. You don’t have to be neutral. Just be fair.


Build informed not terrified audiences

We know that good news is no news, but make sure that the negative news are soundly documented and do not trigger prejudice and discrimination among your readers and followers.


Business model vs. model the business

Challenge the current business model that ensures your outreach by sensationalistic approaches that generate negative reactions from your audience. Avoid clickbait and fake news as much as possible.


Regularly check your biases

Depending on the context, the perceptions and values of your audience change. Yours and your newsroom colleagues change as well. Try identifying and correcting those biases that might narrow the context you need to translate to your audience.


Promote freedom of speech inside and outside the newsroom

Freedom of expression is the most valuable resource you have in your professional life, but it is not absolute. Make sure that your ideas do not conflict with human dignity and do not endanger other people or communities.


Build democratic audiences,
not raging mobs

Do not hesitate to transparently enforce moderating policies within the comment sections you manage and to raise the red flag when some individuals use abusive and hateful language against other members of the community. This is a form of respect for your audience, not censorship.

media outlets


Tips and tricks on building hate free hashtags


Be an inspiration, not an instigator

Your voice and experiences are an inspiration to your community. Make sure that you set clear distinctions between your personal opinions and incitement to violent acts or attitudes. Legally and morally, you are responsible for setting up the tone.


Don’t avoid controversies, encourage dialogue

Some topics might irritate your community and you might be tempted either to censor them or to voluntarily not address them (self-censorship). Open these discussions and make sure that all arguments are on the table in a non-violent manner.


Keep your followers close, not captive

Controversies and negative content might be beneficial for your outreach and bank account. Please consider diversifying your content in a manner which does not polarise your audience. This will create a safe space for interaction. It is also a great opportunity to extend your membership.  


Be a facilitator,
not a tyrant

Some of your followers will challenge you with new topics to debate. Create a safe environment for their opinions in order to avoid potential conflicts with your audience or being labeled a censor. Things could escalate quickly.


Accept criticism, filter the hate

Take your public role as seriously as possible, even if, occasionally, that implies various criticism from your followers. Yet you should be very strict in transparently filtering hate messages that target you, other members of your community or various vulnerable groups. Explain your decisions.


Protect your community from trolls

Do not hesitate to block and report the trolls that are intoxicating your community. You should actively discourage any trolling activities that target the members of your community, so they feel safe and free every time they choose to spend some time on your page.


Protect the youngest

Be mindful, sensitive to your context in case you have minors following you.

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