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Kit against hate for politicians

As a politician, you have the power to mobilize people. However, the end doesn’t justify the means.

Make sure all your public statements and actions are based on facts, fair claims, and respect for human rights.


Furthermore, you have the power and responsibility to translate the EU principles of law and citizenship regarding hate speech into everyday life.

More Europe, less hate 

Prejudice and hatred are threatening to undermine the very foundation of democratic Europe: its principles, values, and respect for human rights. 

Combating hate speech should be a common goal, with a common plan of action for both European and national-level politicians and institutions.

Tips and tricks for hate free politics


Stand for your political views, don’t silence others

The great thing about democracy is the wide spectrum of political values that one can promote and endorse. Make sure that you focus on promoting your ideology without demonizing and ostracizing your competitors and their supporters.


Please mind the wording

Rhetoric is an art. Please avoid triggering and overexaggerated words that could be misinterpreted or taken literally by your audience, especially when talking about human rights or when addressing minorities. Be aware of your own influence and of the fact that words can lead to action. This is not (self)censorship. It’s literacy.


Apologize promptly and sincerely

Some people or groups might feel offended by some of your actions or statements. They are citizens of the world and they must be treated with respect by the politicians of the world. Represent everybody.


Build communities, not cults

Keeping your supporters on board takes a lot of effort, persuasion and calls to action. Please avoid excluding or harassing other members of the community so that your constituency gets dominant. For you it’s just politics, for your supporters and opponents it’s everyday living.   


Respect your constituency, don’t expose it

Most probably you have the resources and the knowledge to avoid being charged for hateful conduct or messages. Most of your constituency doesn’t. Respect and protect your voters by educating them about the legal consequences of their actions. You could start by filtering and moderating the hateful and harmful comments on your social media accounts. You must explain your decisions.

Download tips & tricks 

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