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Kit against hate for users

The Internet gave us voices that reach far and wide. Unfortunately, that includes the voices of haters, trolls and manipulators.

It’s up to us to make sure that online platforms remain what they promised to be: hate free spaces for individual expression, idea-sharing and debate.

Tips and tricks for users

How to keep yourself away from hate

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Tips & tricks
on avoiding hateful conduct IRL and online

01. Don’t get triggered

Don’t click and bite online headlines and posts

Some media outlets and influencers use negative content to increase their reach. Sometimes they use false or fake information. Don’t legitimize propaganda and hatefulness.

Take a deep breath

You may feel the urge to challenge some comments and arguments that you find inappropriate or offending to you or others. Sleep on it and decide if the sender of the message deserves your attention and energy. 

Keep a safe distance

Some topics are inherently emotional and polarizing, and you may feel the need to take a side. Wait for the whole picture before you make your stand.  

02. Engage smartly

Bring the arguments, don’t lead the argument

Endorse or challenge the topic you engaged in and avoid personal attacks or insults. Use truthful and factual arguments, be ready to back up your info with reliable sources.

Leave the conversation on time

If you’re targeted by slurs or intimidating messages do not retaliate. Leave and live.

Change the narrative, not the mindset

When making your case, aim at changing or clarifying the narrative, not at changing the values and beliefs of others. Social and cultural change cannot be achieved within the comment section. 

03. Don’t feed the trolls

Do not engage

Pay attention to disruptive and offensive content that diverts the discussion thread. Don’t give trolls satisfaction with your replies.

Put them to work

If you suspect that you’re dealing with a fake account or identity, report it and block it. Most probably the troll will be back under a new identity, but at least you got the chance to divert his/her attention. 

Clear the air 

Some people enjoy trolling without being trolls. You can report their hateful messages if they go against the community standards. In case their messages go against the rules, they will get the chance to reflect a little bit on their own behavior.  

04. Don’t expand the loop 

If you care, you don’t necessarily share

We all strive for a better self and a better world, and we tend to get extremely passionate about topics that we truly care for. If the conversation you’re about to start will trigger negative responses and violent criticism, or excessive blaming and shaming, maybe you should postpone it.

Please mind the gap

Not all experiences and perceptions are equal and you should consider that before ranting against some individuals or opinions that are not in line with your expectations. 

Open discussions not war fronts 

Words are weapons is both a cliché and a consequence of poor contextualization. Don’t start or engage in a conversation that is looking for enemies or scapegoats. Hate is hurting everybody, both the perpetrators and the targets.


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